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Repair as a lifestyle choice!

I have always gotten satisfaction out of taking something that was not working and getting it back into operation. Of course we all have our reasons for repairing something instead of tossing it. Saving money, sentimental feelings, or just the love of figuring something out and bringing it back to life.

These have all been important to me. I do all my own car and appliance repair which saves a bunch of money. My Toshiba 725 stereo that I bought in high school and has real sentimental value to me still works like new, and I spent over a month attempting to repair the FMsection of a 60's stereo just to figure out how it worked.


YouTube has been a God send for people like me that have a fascination for how things work and my channel is a way for me to share my love of repair with others

I am a software engineer by trade and have worked in machine vision for most of my career. I also am very involved as the School Board Chair in my local school district. 

Rob Rapheal

Repair hobbyist

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